Urban Community Gardens

Cities have become crowded, and living space is often at a premium. Many older homes have been torn down or renovated to create apartment gardens. These smaller living spaces can be affordable. The issue with many of them is that they lack the amenities of a house. Some modern developers have taken this into account, and they have found ways to add value without taking too much space. One of their solutions has been to use rooftops and small parts of land to create urban community gardens.

A Restful Area

One of the reasons people have gardens is to help them unwind after a long day. Some may hire gardeners to do the work of maintenance, but others have found they enjoy working the soil. Whether or not they do their own gardening, it is still a restful area where they can relax. Many living in apartments have found there is no good substitute for a garden. Developers have become aware of this fact. They have found that adding even a small community garden can upgrade their entire apartment building or complex. A garden shared by all can even create a waiting list for future residents in some areas.

On the Roof

Building up has long been a good way to get the most out of a property in an urban area. The tops of buildings are generally used for HVAC units. Older buildings in cities might have contained a few potted plants, an area for bird cages, and some of them had multiple antennas before the internet became the primary connection to the world. Many today still house HVAC units, but that leaves plenty of space for greenery. Creating a pleasant garden on the roof is generally a matter of good planning and a small expense. It can enhance the viability of a property without taking up additional space or a big slice of the budget.

A Courtyard Garden

There are many apartment buildings or larger old homes that were built to enclose a small private space. This area was a boon for residents trying to get away from the noise of the city. Today this type of area can be converted into a courtyard garden for residents. Planting greenery and flowers is all part of the plan, and Pennine Aggregates can supply dried aggregates in a range of colours and sizes to create pathways made of resin bound aggregates. The ability to create colourful pathways to withstand the weather and traffic of a community garden is one of the reasons resin bonded aggregates are often used. They are durable and add beauty.

Life in the city can be exciting and filled with adventures. It can also be a place where getting away from the noise of others and into a quiet garden is a necessity. Residents in apartments or converted houses might still crave a garden, but it may be out of their reach. Savvy developers have recognized yet one more need of residents, and they have been fulfilling it by creating them in smaller spaces. A rooftop or courtyard garden may not be large or perfect, but it can be just the right place at the end of a busy day.